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A wild LUXREY appeared!。


...um. l-long time no see?!
...yeah. first of all, i'm really sorry to have disappeared without saying anything... ;_;' life is... kinda of being crazy. lots of stuff to do, school is finally ending in a few months and i have that one college acceptance test to worry about, and a lot of 'downs' but a few 'ups' too, I guess!! I hope everyone is well!

again, i'm really sorry for disappearing out of nowhere, and... well, I just haven't been in the mood for 'long' blogging, and for a lot of other things, I guess. a lot of things are happening and a lot of stuff either leaves me down or really busy, and - well, i'm still the kind of person who dosn't like to worry others. every time i try to open up a new post i end up not having anything interesting to say, so... yeah.;; when i noticed it, i'd already disappeared for a long time. i wanted to hang around at least until the end of the year, but i'm not sure if i'll manage to be that active... i've been hanging around on tumblr, and on twitter, mostly reblogging fandom stuff and those kinds of things with a few posts here or there, since it's pretty easy and doesn't take a long while, and when i post a rant of some sort there, if it's personal, i sometimes end up deleting if after a while...;; idk, things are going a bit so-so and sometimes I think i'm not as ~energetic~/opmistic as I used to be, but I'm sure I'll manage and everything will get better soon!!

b-but well, i'm not deleting this account since the time i spent here meant a lot and, who knows, maybe someday i may end up wanting to come back...? i also may use this account to stalk a few comms and leave a comment here or there so, yeah. once everything's cleared up and all, who knows? but i just felt like I REALLY should at least leave a little post here...! first, for apologizing, like I said; and I think this is being a bit of a 'hard' time, and to go through that, I feel I really should change a few things in me, and one of those is certainly my shyness/uncertain...ty - so I wanted to leave everything clear everywhere. ...wow, that sounded really weird.
and second, to say a huge thanks to everyone I met here! Aside from a few dramas I've seen, i feel like this place has been really amazing and was something really good for me. I met some wonderful people and they became very good friends of mine; I love all of you and I wish you all the best luck in the world in whichever things you want to do - i'm sure you'll all succeed and be happy!! you all deserve it, and always remember that you're all kinds of amazing. all of you. ♥
...that was a bit cheesy, haha;;

iiiin case you still want to keep in touch or something: here's my tumblr and I also use twitter - that one is written mostly in portuguese, but i'm always up to talk anyway. if you want my e-mail/msn address or something - I think my MSN is on my contact post, buuut otherwise, feel free to ask me in one of those two places or here, really, i may see a comment of yours in my spam post even if i'm inactive here.

again, I wish you all the best of luck, all happiness in the world (OH WOW REY CALM DOWN you aren't going to die or ~leave the internet forever~ or anything;;) and! and and! ILU everyone, and thanks for everything so far!! ♥ see you again~
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