A wild LUXREY appeared!。 (kaorutsukiko) wrote,
A wild LUXREY appeared!。


yeah. maybe later? ♥
feel free to PM if we have obscure fandoms in common mutual friends and you think we'd get along/someone recommended me to you though! ♥
journal is mostly made of fandom spazzing, a little bit of RL stuff, graphics talk and some occasional bad english, I guess. yeah. ...'sup?


Mirella. Or Rey. Typical 16-year-old Saggitarian. Female. Random, annoying, childish, giggly. Friendly with some, but very shy. Pretty opmistic. Paranoid and perfectionist with everything. Hates generally anyone who don't mean what they say. Speaks Portuguese and, well, English. CAPSLOCK, CAPSLOCK EVERYWHERE. Lurker. Dandere, moe, and has a strange liking to FoeYay. Usually likes the anti heroes, the psychos for hire, and their respective Evil Laughs. Wannabe designer. Photoshop and iTunes are always open. Durarara!!, Fatal Frame 4, andymori (and how!) and Luxrays are the loves of her life and she talks about those things on a regular basis. Take care when approaching.

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