A wild LUXREY appeared!。 (kaorutsukiko) wrote,
A wild LUXREY appeared!。

so I can find someone to rely on.

permanent anon? post
Have something to tell or ask me? Some story you want to share or something? Tell me anything you want, and I'll reply if you want to. Stories, confessions, something you want to share or ask, simply wanting to talk with me or plain old random messages. Serious things, confessing you love me or wish I just jumped off the window, something you want advice with (though I suck at it) to something that made you laugh and you wish to share. Logged on or on anon. All counts! Just a warning that I suck with saying anything useful, so I just go and try being nice and hoping you the best - sorry if that annoys you.;; But yeah, stolen from everyone on the universe. Anon is enabled with CAPTCHA (let me know if this is annoying) & IP logging is disabled by default.

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